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As the number one supplier of session artists to the top fashion shows worldwide,  Show Division is firmly committed to a more inclusive and equitable backstage culture.

Our company mandates: 


1. All hairstylists must prove to be” proficient “  in textured hair or take a Show Division Inclusive Backstage Master Class 


2. All makeup  artists must arrive backstage with  a full range of base products to accommodate all models cast, along with having firsthand  knowledge on how to work on darker skin tones or take a Show Division Inclusive Backstage Master Class,

After our first successful training program with our partners The Camera Moda Italiana and Wella Professionals Italia, Show Division  encourages  the CFDA in the United States,  British Fashion Council in the United Kingdom, FHCM in France, as well as  show stakeholders,  producers and brands to embrace these same practices.  


Please watch the video on the Inclusive Backstage Master Class and read the article "I Don't Do Black Hair" published  by the CFDA. on Show Division's continued commitment to inclusivity  backstage.

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