Show Division is the fashion industry’s number one provisioner of Backstage Creative Support. Our core business is fashion shows. Not just any shows; our clients are the world’s elite fashion houses and luxury brands. We provide session hair stylists, makeup artists and manicurists to established teams and work alongside the best in

the business.

Show Division’s Inclusive Backstage Master Classes are part of the Pro. Session Development series of programs created five years ago to enrich session artists skills in Afro Textured hair and darker skin tones. The Master Classes address the quality-gap in backstage talent by offering tactical instruction that strengthens hair professionals’ skills with textured hair, and builds makeup artists confidence and competence by teaching correct techniques necessary to successfully work on darker skin tones. These programs not only strategically build core competency and personal  proficiency  in  Afro  textured  hair  and  deeper  skin toned makeup, they also create a paradigm shift, making diversity less arbitrary and more fluid backstage. 



Fall 2022, will mark the official  launch SD PRO HAIR FUNDAMENTALS. 

The  Hair Fundamentals line features Ultra High-Performance professional hair products specifically formulated to Style+ Protect textured and chemically treated hair for the extreme conditions backstage.  This curated collection of the very  best textured hair care has to offer, targets the full range of hair curl patterns and hair types.