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Born and raised in London, Amidat has been doing hair as far back as she can remember. Starting her hair career shortly after finishing from the London hair Academy, she then went on to work in the family hair salon. She studied colour at the l'oreal Academy, where she was then selected to take part in Mastered with Sam McKnight. After winning creative student of the year she decided that session hairstyling was what she wanted to do, as it's a side of hairdressing that she truly enjoys.

Amidat has been a top requested artist for the big 4 of Fashion Week, working for Guido Palau, Paul Hanlon, Anthony Turner, Sam McKnight, Jawara, and many others. She was the Key Hairstylist for Ricostru SS19 at Milan Fashion Week.


Also featured in The Impression, Fault, Notion,Cake, Jungle and more....

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