Ashley Graham - #beautybeyondsize

Our Friday Feature this week goes out to @theashelygraham! We have always known her as a pioneer for diversity in the fashion world, and her latest spread in the December Issue of Vogue Italia proves yet again that she is truly breaking barriers. We all know Vogue magazine in general is not known for going too far outside its box of the norm, but this time they did , and we'd have to assume no one is upset about it.

The spread of Graham was published in Vogue Italia completely untouched. Which unfortunately has become our norm, and after seeing these photos, I'm not really sure why that is our norm. Graham looks absolutely breathtaking, and shows when a model knows how to work the camera, she KNOWS!!

Thank you Ashley Graham for continually pushing to change the industry, and thank Vogue Italia for getting on board with this. Let's hope its's just the beginning of more to come! WERK GIRL.

Photographer: Nathaniel Goldberg Stylist: George Cortina