The Innovator - Pat McGrath

We never need a reason to write about the legendary Pat McGrath, but if one comes up, you know we'll take it! This past week, McGrath was awarded the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator, at the British Fashion Awards. This award has previously been awarded to the likes of Tim Walker, Grace Coddington, and Edward Enniful - pretty good company to be in! An award that 'Recognises the very best innovators and creatives in fashion, this award celebrates invaluable contributions that have changed the entire fashion landscape. With a discerning eye and incessant drive, this creative has brought designers’ creations to life and helped create worlds within brands.. Their dedication to the craft has garnered legions of fans and the incredible body of work has already left an indelible mark on the entire industry and garnered legions of fans'.

If you know anything about McGrath's career, you know the above applies ten fold. Her career started to take off in the early 90's, and hasn't slowed down since. Known for her strong relationships with John Galliano (his own label, and time at Dior), the house of Givenchy, Margiela, and many more. Her looks that have come down the runway are unforgettable, innovative and iconic. Not to mention countless covers of major fashion magazines, involving the cream of the crop of the worlds top models, and celebrities. McGrath is never one afraid to take a risk, which shows in her work. And most recently she took the risk of starting her own cosmetics line, sold on her website, and in Sephora stores, which quickly became a success. Of course she puts her art into everything including the signature packaging of her cosmetics (now a collectors item for her fans) , which we saw many competitors attempt to imitate. But just the same as some have tried to copy her runway looks, they never quite do it as good as she does.

Congratulations Ms. McGrath! Not only is this award well deserved, but all the achievements that have come before, and are yet to come!

See below for some our favourite moments she's had over the years.

Naomi Campbell - Vogue Portugal February '16

Adwoa Aboah - British Vogue December '17

Rihanna - W Mag September '16

Givenchy Couture Spring '10

Dior F/W 2004 RTW

Dior Couture Fall '11

Fenty x Puma F/W '16

John Galliano F/W '09 RTW

Givenchy S/S '14 RTW

Maison Margiela Couture Fall '16

Part of McGrath's collection for Sephora, and signature sequins packaging.