Saying Goodbye to Colette

Colette is an internationally known concept store located in Paris, France. Dubbed by Forbes magazine as “the trendiest store in the world”, Colette will sadly be closing its doors December 20th. Started by Colette Rousseaux and her daughter Sarah Andelman in 1997, Colette completely “disrupted” traditional retail models (Verner). Colette is responsible for some of the most fabulous collaborations and selling cutting-edge fashion and a range of other goods. Show Division wanted to say au revoir to the ultimate trend setter by touching on some the stores biggest highlights.

1) Chanel x Adidas x Pharrell Williams

This Fall, Colette exclusively sold the sought after sneaker collaborated of Chanel, Adidas and Pharrell Williams. Colette did not let fashion enthusiasts down with these.

2) Colette x Barbie

For Barbie’s 50th anniversary Colette hosted the ultimate celebration with brands including Jeremy Scott and Goyard paying a special ode.

3. Colette x Hermes

Colette was the first outside brand Hermès ever created a product for (Andelman). Naturally the Colette Brides de Gala silk scarf was a true success.

4. Colette x Playboy x Hello Kitty

Co-founder Sarah Andelman had the brilliant idea to “marry” Playboy and Hello Kitty for their 40th and 60th anniversaries, respectively (Andelman). Naturally, Colette was the officiant.

5. Colette x Saint Laurent

Colette will be having one more collaboration with fashion house Saint Laurent before it’s closing. The collaboration includes a range of goods including a Saint Laurent skateboards to Vespas.