Spring is the air, and we are ready to splash some of it into our makeup routines and on to our face! If you're thinking spring is always about brights colours and less is more, don't worry, we’ve got those covered plus a few more in our round up of the top 5 trends as seen on the top runways.


We'll start off with a spring cliché. Pops of colour. This season its done with a bit more of an edge - which means we’re even more into it. Unexpected colours like yellow or red, were found at Tadashi Shoji, Sportmax, and Anna Sui. TO make sure you get that bit of edge, completely covering the eyelid, and then lining the bottom of the eye is key!


If adding a bold red lip to your look just isn't quite enough, look no further, we are here to help! All you need is a little - actually - maybe a lot, of glitter! We saw all ends of the spectrum on the runways. Softer sparkle with bold colour at DKNY, and heavy glitter in metallic shades at FENDI and Maison Margiela. Not much else is required for a night out with this look, which is why we kind of love it.


Sometimes its tough to get too much of a good thing, and a smokey eye is just one of those things. Just because winter is gone doesn't mean you have to put those kohl pencils to the back of the drawer. For the warmer months you just need a little less than usual. Have a light hand when applying the dark shadows and pencils. It still gives you a dramatic look without having to quit cold turkey.

Fresh Face

The old faithful for spring summer trends! This one never goes out of style. Once you get a bit of that summer glow on the go, the softest of pinks, and peachy peaches are all the colour you need, the rest is all you! This look is ideal for daytime, being on the go, and avoiding having those high temps melt off makeup you spent too much time on.


We’ll take any monochrome look if its all about pink!! From your highlight, to your eyeshadow and lipstick - this trend allows you to pack on the pink. Whether you fancy a more simple, fresh look as seen on the runways of Adam Selman, or an edgy cool girl look à la RiRi, this trend will help you achieve either. And whichever you choose, going all the way pink shows you are ready to take Spring without looking back, like the boss you are!

Whichever trend you decide is yours to own, make sure you embrace it 100% and go full on, because before we know it summer will be over, and we’ll be wishing we had even more time to rock each and every one of these looks.