As they say, the show must go on! Despite a snowstorm, an obstacle that may not have been ideal for the street style fashionistas, it didn't stop the designers from making some Fashion Week history. From designer debuts, to feminist stances - below are our top 5 moments of the week.

Calvin Klein - Raf Simons

Simons made is debut in New York, as well as his debut for Calvin Klein this past fashion week. As it was his first time showing in America, for an iconic american brand, the critics were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would come down the runway. Little did they know, an homage to America was waiting behind the scenes. Full denim jumpsuits, uniform inspired blouses and trousers, western style boots, and looks topped with plastic covers just as Grandmas couch used to be.


The obvious messages of feminism have become a staple on the runway. We have seen them in the past, but since Dior made the statement of ‘we should all be feminists’ last year, similar looks and slogans have been exploding all over the scene. The latest to take their stance was Prabal Gurung at NYFW. The designer dressed all of his models in tshits donning multiple feminist messages for his grand finale. The designer himself took part with his own tshirt, as well as a white bandana tied on his wrist representing the #tiedtogether movement.

Tied Together

You don’t have to follow the actual shows to be in the know about this trend. Every street style star, influencer, or even celeb was taking part in this movement. We first saw it at the TOMMYXGIGI show in LA just before NYFW, and it took off from there. It was started by The Business of Fashion who said it is meant as a sign to the world that you believe in the common bonds of humankind — regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.

Marc Jacobs

Born and raised in New York, It was only fitting the designers FW17 collection was hip hop inspired. 90’s hip hop to be more accurate. You will see glimpses of Run DMC, Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Kim. Fur, bucket hats, track suits, gold chains, all of these with the infamous Marc Jacobs twist. The designer turned the tables on the media, and his audience by not allowing any social media at the show (of course these rules were broken), and at the end, had his models assemble outside for a presentation, smartphones in hand, snapping pics of the media while they took photos of them.


We are in a time where the fashion industry is changing in many ways, models on the runway included. We saw a bit of diversity last season, but it was in full force this time around. From age, to size, we got a taste of everything. Since we saw multiple designers take part in this it may just be something that stays. Tough to tell if we’ll see the trend continue in London, Paris, Milan - time will tell.